Safe Transport: Making Sure Your Saddle Survives the Car

As a professional saddle fitter, I’m always driving around with a car full of saddles, and knowing that the way they’re handled is of the utmost importance, I knew right away that I needed a “formal” way to transport them.  You see, in an ideal world, your saddle is either on your horse’s back or on  a proper saddle rack.  Storing it face down or on a surface that is less supportive (some of the narrow racks, or a fence rail for example) can damage the leather AND the tree.  Wood trees can become twisted if placed on their face or stored on a narrow rack.  A narrow, less supportive rack can damage the rails of the tree as well.

When I began the search for a saddle rack to put in my car, I was amazed to find that there is literally, only one: Saddle Stands for Vehicles.  I grew excited when I saw the design – it was perfect for what I intended to do!  I contacted Leslie and she eagerly helped me design two custom racks for my car.

The saddle racks are made of an extremely durable PVC, and are designed to hold saddles with the optimal surface area in mind.  I ordered one that was 4′ 11″  long and another that was 3′ long, so that I can carry 10-12 saddles in my car at a time when saddles are stacked atop each other. I cover them with saddle pads to avoid any scratching and provide even more support.  The racks themselves are very sturdy, but they do need to be anchored down so that they don’t move or tip when you’re driving around like a madwoman (who, me?).

Prices are reasonable, although shipping is understandably steep given the odd size and shape of the packaging, but it’s well worth it.  If you travel with your saddle frequently, a visit to is a must.  These stands are perfect for trainers, leasers, and, of course, saddle fitters. 🙂

Copyright 2011, Anderson Equine Saddle Fitting Services, LLC

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